Learn more about the JEDISO Region of South-Central Ohio

Taking a team approach to business success

South Central Ohio’s JEDISO Region offers many advantages to growing companies, but one we believe is unique is the team spirit that unites the business community, our workforce, and local government leaders. It’s a partnership that fosters cooperation and success.

That team approach is rooted in our area’s remarkable work ethic. Generations of residents grew up surrounded by hard-working people who tended local farms, harvested rich woodlands, and kept our factories among the nation’s most productive. The lessons they learned are woven through what they do today.

You’ll see it in the attitude and productivity of our area’s skilled workforce. You’ll find it in government officials who have created an environment that supports local employers through practical incentives, low taxes, and simple ideas like speedy permitting. You’ll appreciate the benefits of educators who understand the importance of preparing young people for their roles in strengthening the local economy. And you’ll see it in utility companies and other resources that strive to keep the cost of doing business here as low as possible.

Place that philosophy and all those resources in a location that’s at the center of the eastern United States, with transportation assets providing efficient connections in every direction, and you have a powerful combination that helps businesses grow and succeed.