Learn more about the JEDISO Region of South-Central Ohio

Sites and buildings configured for your needs

Thinking about doing business in South Central Ohio’s JEDISO Region? At any given time, you’ll find a wide variety of affordable sites, developable land, and existing buildings. Our economy is healthy, with new companies arriving and existing employers frequently seeking larger facilities, so the inventory of what’s available is constantly changing.

We’ve included links to properties and facilities that are currently being promoted, but that’s not all the JEDISO Region has to offer. We encourage you to contact our team to discuss your company’s specific needs, so we can identify all the potential locations that may be well-suited to your objectives. Whether you’re seeking a large tract or a smaller facility, we can help you pinpoint the places that are right for you.

Of course, no matter which site you choose, you’ll benefit from the productivity of our area’s skilled workforce, the support of our business-friendly local government officials, utility companies that offer remarkably low rates, outstanding transportation assets in every direction, and a location that puts you at the center of the eastern U.S.