Learn more about the JEDISO Region of South-Central Ohio

The JEDISO Region of Ohio: where hard work is a way of life

Many places boast about their workforces, but here in South Central Ohio’s JEDISO region, a good day’s work and jobs well done have been a tradition handed down for generations in our farms, factories, and woodlands. As the needs of industry have changed, our workers have adapted their skills, but never lost the pride in everything they do. No wonder you’ll be hard-pressed to match their productivity.

Local leaders were raised the same way, understanding that hard work and successful businesses keeps the economy strong for everyone. So, they’ve created an environment that supports local employers through practical incentives, low taxes, and simple ideas like speedy permitting. They’ve also created an infrastructure that makes it easier for businesses to get and ship what they need, including an impressive network of four-lane, Interstate-quality highways that extends in every direction. We also offer rail-served properties that provide quick access to a nearby transload facility and routes to river and ocean ports.

South Central Ohio’s JEDISO Region is focused on the road ahead, too, which is why our schools concentrate on preparing young people for the economic opportunities that will keep our communities strong and healthy. They emphasize the skills local employers seek, ensuring that young people will find places in the workplace while creating a reliable workforce pipeline.