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Jackson County, Ohio: helping you get down to business

Jackson County, Ohio has so much to offer today’s growing businesses and the people who run them. We’re located in the beautiful rolling Appalachian foothills, but while the scenery is impressive, what will really get your attention is our central location and robust transportation infrastructure of both Interstate-quality highways and rail transportation. Jackson County puts your business within a single day’s truck drive of millions of consumers, and at the center of a huge labor shed.

Thanks to a wide variety of readily available sites and buildings, Jackson County can help your company get down to business more quickly. Many facilities and sites are in industrial parks with utility infrastructure already in place to speed development and occupancy -- and some offer direct rail service. The Teays Valley aquifer system provides a virtually unlimited supply of clean, fresh water -- more than enough to meet the needs of food processors and other companies that have a strong thirst for fresh water.

Add in a local skilled labor force with a long tradition of craftsmanship and productivity, K-12 schools and postsecondary education providers focused on the needs of employers, and friendly, welcoming communities that are remarkably affordable, and you’ll see why Jackson County is a place where both you and your team will thrive.

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