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Scioto County, Ohio: a resource-rich site for your company

Scioto County, Ohio has plentiful resources that combine to help businesses like yours succeed. Start with the natural resources, especially our location along the Ohio River, with port facilities for bulk commodities. The railroads used those watercourses to develop routes that form the backbone of regional networks and quickly move loads to major population and industrial centers and deep-water ports, and road builders took advantage of them to develop a robust highway infrastructure. Add in tree-lined hills that have long been a source of high-quality timber and natural beauty.

Scioto County’s resources also include vast low-cost utilities, with plenty of electricity, natural gas, propane, water, and broadband to meet the needs of growing companies. And when it comes to human resources, it’s hard to top our huge two-state skilled workforce made up of people with solid experience in many fields and a work ethic that goes back for generations. Another resource? Local government officials who work cooperatively with businesses and are dedicated to keeping taxes low.

The area’s low cost of living and picturesque communities also make Scioto County a great place to live, with remarkably affordable housing, excellent K-12 schools, and an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities, unique shopping and dining destinations, and other things to do every day of the week.