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Pike County, Ohio: abundant opportunities for work and play

Pike County, Ohio has a well-earned reputation as a place where a job well done has long been a part of daily life. Our residents grew up in an atmosphere of manufacturing, timber harvesting, and farm work, so they’re reliable, productive, and accustomed to hard work. That remarkable work ethic is supported by a robust transportation infrastructure that includes both Interstate-quality highways and rail transportation, giving local businesses efficient connections to the world -- along with employer-centered education and training opportunities.

The cost of doing business here is delightfully low, with affordable utilities and local governments that operate prudently, keeping tax rates reasonable. That also keeps the cost of living in Pike County low, giving your team access to safe, comfortable communities with homes that fit their budgets and their lifestyles.

Of course, there’s more to life than work, and Pike County residents have plenty of opportunities to make the most of their days off. Surrounded by the breathtaking beauty on the edge of Appalachia, they can enjoy fishing, kayaking, hiking, hunting, horseback riding, cycling, and more. Our communities are full of locally owned shops and restaurants, but big-city shopping, dining, entertaining, and sports are a short drive away in places like Columbus and Cincinnati.