Learn more about the JEDISO Region of South-Central Ohio

An enormous labor shed full of skilled, dedicated workers

The JEDISO Region of South-Central Ohio and its 16-county labor shed are home to more than 327,000 hard-working people who have been raised with a respect for hard work and a job well done. Consider that their parents and grandparents were the people who tended local farms, harvested our rich woodlands, and kept our factories among the nation’s most productive. While workplaces and technologies may have changed, those underlying values continue to be strong.

You’ll find that attitude woven throughout our communities, especially in our local school systems, which take a practical approach to preparing young people for the economic opportunities that will keep our communities strong and healthy. School districts work closely with the business community to deliver career and technical education programs that prepare students to play key roles in growing companies.

With programs that include subjects such as Advanced Manufacturing, CNC Operation, Machining, Welding, Engineering & Technology, Computer Aided Design, Machine Tool Technology, Biotechnology, Entrepreneurship, Warehousing & Merchandising, Industrial Maintenance, Welding, Electrical, Plumbing, Coding, Bioenergy, HVAC-R, Healthcare, and others, the JEDISO Region’s education providers are developing a sustainable workforce pipeline.