Learn more about the JEDISO Region of South-Central Ohio

Small-town living, natural beauty, and so much to do

South Central Ohio’s JEDISO Region offers residents so much … and so little. Little in the way of housing costs, traffic, congestion, and the other factors that can make life stressful. People who come to our area are pleasantly surprised by the wide range of housing choices and how affordable they all can be. Whether they’re looking for an executive home on beautiful acreage, a contemporary downtown-style apartment, or a country home where children have vast room to play, they’ll find it here. Utilities and other living costs are also delightfully low, as is the crime rate, and our many highly rated healthcare providers will help keep everyone in great health.

While our area’s pace of life may seem comfortable and slow, there’s so much to do here. We’re centered in the natural beauty of the Appalachian foothills and adjacent to the Ohio River and its tributaries, with several state parks within a short drive. Whether your vision of the outdoors includes a kayak, a mountain bike, hiking boots, a rod and reel, or a compound bow, you’ll find plenty of places to enjoy yourself. Local residents also enjoy a long list of festivals and farmers markets.

In the mood for an evening of big-city excitement? Thanks to our Interstate-quality road network, you can take advantage of sporting events, live entertainment, shopping, and dining in places like Cincinnati and Columbus, and come back home without a long drive. However, with so many unique local shopping destinations, bakeries, brewpubs, and other dining destinations, you’ll probably be tempted to stick around.