Learn more about the JEDISO Region of South-Central Ohio

Incentives that make a great region even better

South Central Ohio’s JEDISO Region is an ideal business location for so many reasons -- from our location, to our abundant resources, to a motivated workforce and more. Still, our state and local leaders know that it’s challenging for companies to succeed in the current business environment, so they’ve created a variety of incentive programs and other opportunities to help businesses establish and expand operations.

For example, Ohio provides performance-based incentives to support companies that are starting, relocating, or expanding operations. The nature and amount depend upon a variety of factors, such as the number of new jobs, the investment in fixed assets, and the expected return on investment. Ohio also makes funds available for workforce training.

The counties in the JEDISO Region have also created incentives to encourage capital investment and job creation. Enterprise Zones, TIF districts, and other programs support commercial and industrial development in our communities. Even companies that do business locally get in the act. For example, local contractor Fluor-BWXT generously provides grants to support projects that enhance our region’s economy.

Take all that and combine it with local government officials who have created a business-friendly culture with low taxes and simple ideas like speedy permitting, and you have so many reasons to do business in South Central Ohio’s JEDISO Region.